How can we find out what is expected in our area?

Whether we live in a big city or a small rural village, it is undeniable that our daily lives are influenced and regulated by the social- and economic systems, and the environmental impacts around us. Changes in these, even small ones, can significantly impact our families, work, and lives in general.

It is recommended to take out a home or building insurance, which, inaddition to the general insurance situations, also reduces the burden of repair costs on the family in the event of damage related to weatherevents and environmental effects in the buildings.

Due to climate change, the climate characteristics that – up to now – have been thought to be constant are changing, so they can affect not only our environment, but also our social- and economic systems, so our daily living conditions. Thus, it is vital to be aware of the environmental factors that affect us to be able to reduce personal injuries and material damage. We need to prepare long-term plans not only individually, but also at family, community, and municipal levels.

In this summary, we are looking for the answer to how and on what surfaces we can find out what is expected at the national and local level in the vicinity of Kazincbarcika during everyday life, or in case of an emergency. Therefore, at the end of the article we have collected the systems, applications and webpages that predict and warn about the increasingly frequent extreme weather events in a spreadsheet.

These alarming systems can be essential in managing various emergencies in time. As a resident, we receive help from the local government, and as an employee of BorsodChem Zrt., the internal regulations show the way and direction. In the case of the citizens, the mayor’s duties include ensuring the continuous information, the preparation of an emergency plan based on a developed protocol, and the elimination of an emergency. While in the case of the employees of BorsodChem Zrt., the manager and their superiors decide on safety issues.

In the case of BorsodChem Zrt., the emergency must be handled according to a strict protocol, as several hazardous and high-risk work is performed. In the event of a major accident or emergency, those on-site are informed through an internal siren alarm system. At the same time, residents and those in the surrounding area can find out what to do – in addition to the sirens – from the local media and the websites of disaster management and other authorities.

The citizens of Kazincbarcika, Brente, and Sajószentpéter are informed in the settlements by the Monitoring and Public Alarm System (MoLaRi) siren installed and operated by the disaster management.

However, until we reach these limits of action, it is crucial to be informed daily as individuals. Suppose you want to find out about the weather. In that case, it is worth contacting the Hungarian Meteorological Service, or visit their webpage. We can also check the popular websites of “Időkép” and “Köpönyeg,” as on these pages we can find precipitation (radar), wind, snow, lightning, and other interesting maps. On the map of The Hungarian Chamber of Agriculture (operating from 15 April to 30 September). Fortunately, the mobile applications of these systems are also becoming more widespread that send instant alerts to telephones. Such successful applications include VÉSZ and Meteora, which can even set alarms for local and national coverage.

Conscious attention helps us adapt and create a more livable work environment in the face of everyday climate impacts. In the framework of the LIFE-CLIMCOOP project, a water dashboard will be designed to inform the employees of BorsodChem Zrt. and the citizens of Kazincbarcika about the processes taking place in the area and to prepare for the challenges ahead. It will show information e.g. how many days it has not rained; how much the Sajó water flow is; the current temperature and alarms in case of emergencies. It is available in advance on the project website, (supported browser: Firefox / Explorer).

 WebpageUseful informationActual maps/informationType of the informationinvolvement
Disaster Management Life and property securityentire population
VÉSZ Mobile App +informing, warning, and alarmintentire population
Hungarian Meteorological Service, gusts of wind, rainstorms, snow hailsentire population
Meteora Mobile App weather information, alertsentire population
General Directorate of Water Management, inland inundation droughtentire population
National Adaptation Geo-information System (NAGiS) Hungary and the Danube river basinentire population
NÉBIH/Firelife prohibition of ignitionentire population
European Meteorological Network weather eventsentire population
Hungarian Chamber of Agriculture hazardsentire population
National Institute of Public Health +pollen, air qualityentire population
NAGiS ÖDE domestic coverage GIS systemMuniciplaities
MoLaRi – meteorological and chemical monitoring and public alarm system industrial accidents, avoidance of harmful gas, air attack, description of the required protocol, elimination of dangerentire population
KolorCity Kazincbarcika alerts / useful callsCitizens of Kazincbarcika
KolorAPP + alerts / useful callsCitizens of Kazincbarcika
SzuperInfó alerts / useful callsCitizens of Kazincbarcika
Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén County Disaster Management Directorate alerts / useful callsCitizens of Kazincbarcika
Air pollution pollution statisticsMeasuring points of Kazincbarcika
Water Dashboard (in progress) actual environmental informationBC employees


EBK (Health, Safety, Environment, and Property Protection) Regulations for construction contractors who work in the area of BorsodChem Zrt.

Webpage of the Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén County Disaster Management Directorate

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