University of Miskolc


The University of Miskolc is the leading higher education institution and academic centre in the North Hungarian region, a state university with long traditions and with great development potentials with over 600 lecturers and over 8000 students. The history of the university can be traced back to 1735, when the world’s first technical higher education institution, was established. As the knowledge centre in North Hungary and an internationally known and renowned universitas, the University of Miskolc considers it its special mission to contribute to the preservation of the region’s intellectual heritage, to the education of generations of professionals, and –what is just as important – to retaining them here. As being a regional university, our institute excels in dissemination and project management skills, as having started and managing the biggest innovational and higher education related projects. As lead or consortial partner, our university can reach every target group and audiences and has high expertise is managing complex projects. Having international cooperations with other foreign country institutes, University of Miskolc can solve international and national communication issues and base activities with ease. Besides this managing part in these projects, University of Miskolc can indeed contribute in pilot and innovation related areas with all of its free capacity, as it does in many scientific projects. These experiences and skills in these two areas, which are important for accomplishing a project fully, make University of Miskolc suitable as lead partner in this LIFE project concept, too.

The Institute of Chemistry at the University of Miskolc was selected to be the head of the consortium in the project. In addition to it coordinating role it utilizes its research infrastructure for the creation of a prototype, with the help of which it is possible to reuse gray waters of various origins (industrial wastewater, municipal rainwater, treated municipal wastewater) in order to optimize BorsodChem Zrt.’s water use. Large-scale application of the prototype can also help reduce water take-out from Sajó river for industrial purposes. The University of Miskolc will also use its excellent educational experience during attitude-forming trainings and events.

BorsodChem Zrt.


BorsodChem Zrt. (BC) is one of Europe’s leading plastic raw material and inorganic chemical producer. We supply high-quality MDI, TDI, PVC and chlor-alkali products to downstream industries, including constructions, automotive, furniture and clothing industries. In 2011, Wanhua Industrial Group Co. Ltd. gained total control of BC. The alliance resulted in the world’s third biggest isocyanate producer.

Our history began more than seven decades ago. Over the years, we have witnessed and been an active participant in the remarkable development of the chemical industry. As a result, we have continuously developed our products and technological processes in accordance with market expectations.

The group is committed to being the global model for corporate responsibility and caring through focusing on a circular economy and CSR as well as developing sustainable chemicals.

Chemistry is our passion, which shows us the way to innovative plastics solutions. We work tirelessly to overcome the challenges of everyday life and turn our results for the benefit of society and the environment. Our employees are well trained and used to continuous development and we are invested in improving their attitude, well-being and sense of responsibility including environment, health and safety, sustainability, climate change.


BorsodChem primarily intends to contribute to the implementation of the project by developing new, water-saving technologies, applying solutions that affect the microclimate and developing an appropriate climate approach for our employees and future employees.

Municipality of Kazincbarcika


If one compares the cityscape of Kazincbarcika from ten years ago to today, the difference is stunning. There are more than forty colorful, giant house walls, trendy public sculptures, original and unique ideas, new and renovated buildings, the All-Arts Color Festival, and the hospitable residents who are proud of their city. The signature brand of Kazincbarcika, the locally invented and implemented “Kolorcity”, is characterized by playfulness, creativity and novelty. These original features have become an organic part of the everyday life in the city in recent years.

The renewed Main Square, which has a total of more than 17,000 new trees, shrubs, bushes and flowers on a green area of more than 2,000 m2, ensures that the city remains one of the most flowery settlements in Hungary. The old playgrounds have been replaced by modern, colorful, developmental equipment. In 2017, the largest green playground in the area, the Valley Park was complemented with fitness equipment. Moreover, to the spectacular equipment for the little ones, interactive smart devices were also installed at the Eötvös Square, as well.

The city was awarded by the Cyclist-Friendly Settlement both in 2016 and 2020. Owing to the cycle path network, the residents can safely reach the institutions and the main centers of the city on a route of more than 10 km. Kazincbarcika, as a national sports city, has the primary goal of providing the rising generations with every opportunity to love physical activities, find sports to their liking and thereby become a healthy, active adult or even an outstanding elite athlete. In recent years, a number of infrastructural developments have also taken place with the joint efforts of the state, the church, the municipality and local business firms.

HungaroMet introduction


National Adaptation Center (NAC), established in 2012, due to an earlier organisational restructuring, perform its tasks from 1 January 2024 within the framework of HungaroMet Hungarian Meteorological Service Nonprofit Ltd. Besides weather forecasting, HungaroMet also carries out research and development tasks, like strategy development, database management and research activities related to adaptation to the effects of climate change. Among others, NAC is responsible for these tasks.

áNAC plays an important role in supporting the Ministry of Energy’s climate policy activities, contributes to the strategic foundation of climate protection, as well as develops and operates the National Adaptation Geo-information System (NAGiS:, which facilitates the analysis of climate change impacts. It also carries out a number of climate protection and adaptation projects at national and international level.

On behalf of the HungaroMet, the National Adaptation Center in accordance with its portfolio, supports the LIFE-CLIMCOOP project in the fields of climate policy, strategic planning, and climate adaptation, and helps the cooperation with its experience in climate awareness raising and knowledge transfer.

KÖVET Association for Sustainable Economies


KÖVET is a non-profit and non-governmental association with public benefit status. It aims to bridge sustainability theory and business practice through the selection and analysis of pioneering companies and model value initiatives. The main aims of the association are to strengthen the environmental and social responsibility of companies and institutions; to disseminate the common tool of practical experience and ideas to business circles, and to provide appropriate information to the general public; and to make use of foreign experience with the help of the International Network for Environmental Management (INEM). In addition, to spread the knowledge that environmentally and socially aware company management is not a cost increasing factor, but promotes the success of the individual business and the economy as a whole.

Követ is working on finding new market potentials for environment-friendly products and services, and the best products and services in respect of sustainable development. It would like to promote the acceptance of the environmentally and socially responsible companies, in the general public – especially in the local community and the media.

KÖVET is committed to bringing CC and adaptation solutions closer to the companies’ operation and management. As a result of the above mentioned facts KÖVET has the opportunity, the skills and the network capacity to involve companies, industrial parks and their respective cities to ensure dissemination and enhance replicability. The KÖVET Association is a Hungarian member of INEM and the Global Footprint Network, a partner organization of GRI.

GeoGold Kárpátia Ltd.


GeoGold Kárpátia Ltd. (est. 2005) provides services in geological, hydrogeological and environmental projects, in water management and has experience in the field of shallow geophysical surveys. Our team of eleven consists of geologists and geophysical engineers. We have participated in the implementation of several domestic and EU groundwater research projects, and with the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs we have twice performed drinking water search tasks in Tanzania. The development of our instrument park is an important driving factor for our company.

In the LIFE-CLIMCOOP project, our task is to provide expertise in the fields of geology and hydrogeology used for the investigation of the affected areas of Kazincbarcika. In addition, we will investigate the possibility of natural groundwater retention and storage methods along the Sajó and Tardona streams.

Our specific, overlapping tasks are to organize and perform on-the-field measurements, which include well hydraulic tests and geophysical measurements in the surrounding wells. Based on these new results and archive data, we will create a GIS database and 3D hydrogeological model variants, with the help of which we will propose local water storage options and the location of log dams designed against the effects of lightning floods. Based on the studies carried during the project, in cooperation with the project partners, we propose the incorporation of adaptation measures for the future urban development and settlement planning.

The LIFE-CLIMCOOP project has received funding from the LIFE Programme of the European Union and it was supported by the Western Balkans Green Center Nonprofit Plc.

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