Climate adaptation

The biggest challenge for humanity in the coming decades is going to be global climate change. Its negative impacts show significant geographical dispersion, therefore the most effective way to address them is to develop and implement climate adaptation procedures at the level of local communities. As a result of these actions at the local level, increasing adaptability will help reduce vulnerability to climate change.


Up to 80-90% of the GDP of developed countries is produced in urban areas, however climate change has the greatest impact on the urban environment, as well. The close cooperation of cities and industrial zones is essential to adapt to the consequences of climate change and reduce impacts, through the work-out of joint mitigation plans and actions. An important element of which is the development of a common climate strategy.

Green Infrastructure
Water management

Climate change is having a significant impact on freshwater supplies, which are considered as strategic resources for the 21st century, and consequently on the green infrastructure of individual regions. During the project, modern / novel water management methods will be developed to protect the natural waters used in large quantities by industry and to prevent the increasing occurrence of lightning floods. In addition, great emphasis will be placed on protecting existing green infrastructure and creating new green spaces in industrial areas.

The LIFE-CLIMCOOP project aims to respond to the trend and provide an innovative solution to the problem that while significant urban areas in Hungary have been transformed into industrial zones in recent decades, currently no co-operation exists between municipalities and industrial companies, considering climate change adaptation. To adapt to the consequences of climate change and reduce its impacts, it is necessary to define courses of action and tasks in close cooperation between cities and industrial zones.

Interactive, real-time water data

(Sajó-River, Kazincbarcika)

The climate is changing. Let's adapt together!

Local adaptation – to global climate change. Cooperative solutions for local climate adaptation of cities and companies.


In order to meet the requirements of LIFE-CLIMCOOP – Cooperation of cities and local companies for climate change adaptation project, supported by the LIFE
The effects of climate change are becoming more and more noticeable in Hungary, as seen from the fact that the warmest year has been
Whether we live in a big city or a small rural village, it is undeniable that our daily lives are influenced and regulated by
Whether we live in a big city or a small rural village, it is undeniable that our daily lives are influenced and regulated by
The Earth’s climate is changing permanently and significantly. The average temperature of the planet is rising, which also affects precipitation and other characteristics of
Nowadays, more and more scientific articles can be read online about global climate change. Climate change is possibly the most significant challange of the


The LIFE-CLIMCOOP project has received funding from the LIFE Programme of the European Union and it was supported by the Western Balkans Green Center Nonprofit Plc.

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